The EU seem worried that we are checking the exit bill

From reports the EU Commission are upset we are checking the exit bill that they presented us with. They keep making statements that we have not accepted it. I gather we are working our way through it line by detailed line. Like any sensible entity would if presented with a bill of between 50 and 100 billion. 

David Davids has made clear we will pay, what is legally binding, what we feel morally we should pay, even if it is not legally due and what we will pay as a good will gesture. So what’s the problem?

Could it be their numbers are not worth the paper they are written on and are full of holes? The EU court of auditors have not signed off the accounts for years. It is not the the numbers recorded are wrong but whether certain amounts should or have been paid. 

The second issue is that if we agee what we are paying for in detail and for what time period, it makes it difficult for the commission to  charge far more in future for those things. A price will have been set. If we pay that to the end of the  current budget (which is after Brexit), a precident will have been set as well. 

How can the EU charge for ‘FREE Trade’? 

If you charge for access to free trade, it is no longer ‘free trade’. This is exactly what the EU want to do to the UK after Brexit. This is a typical Brussels oxymoron. Something they specialise in with total equinimity 

This is despite the fact that the rest of the EU exported £302 billion  of goods and services to us in 2016, and we exported only £242 billion  back, 25% more. Therefore natural justice would require the to refund us £0.25 billion for every billion they ask for.
It’s not likely to happen as it’s not their sort of oxymoron. 

Brussels needs to Wakeup to Reality 

Junk the Drunk and  Where’s the Bill Barnier need  to wake up to the reality that they are negotiating with a sovereign nation over  Brexit,  not a naughty member of their boys club. They are there to negotiate not pontificate. We have no sins to confess. 

  1. If you present some one with a bill of 100 billion, it is up to the presenter to itemise and justify. Not for the receiver to try and explain. 
  2. How much the receiver accepts is dependent on the details of the original going relationship. This includes trade border and reciprocal immigration. You cannot separate this from the bill. 
  3. The North/South Irish border has leaked like a sieve site since its inception. The EU will have to accept it. There is no way a Nation can have internal international borders. Would the Germans accept an international border between East and West Germany. The idea is for the birds. 

The EU Commission is an unelected self important bureaucracy. It must get a dose of reality and engage in meaningful discussion over all issues. Not just the ones it has an unrealistic hangup about. 

Compo Corbyn, Captain of Chaos 

There’s an old joke (almost as old as Compo). Computer salesmen don’t lie, they just don’t know what the truth is. Whilst it’s understandable that a new opposition leader may be a bit disorganised initially  on taking office, there’s no excuse after more than a year and two party elections. The truth is that he is more interested in engaging in arcane political meetings about Peruvian transgender issues than what a government needs to be doing in the UK. His lieutenants are free to push their own favourite wacky policies even if they are totally inappropriate and contradictory. The joke actually applies to his whole team. They make Captain Mannering and his dad army brigade look like the height of organised efficiency and effectiveness. 

Trump’s Genuine Fake News

It has been reported that Donny Trumph has agreed to compensate all the victims of the failed (bankrupted) property and casino scams,  sorry schemes, from the millions he has made by allowing  his name to be used to  promote them.

Oh dear, awfully sorry, I have just been reliably informed he has absolutely no intention of throwing money away on a such bunch obviously so gullible loosers. Unless of course he can bully the Mexicans to do it on his behalf (providing they give him a cut as well).

Blair’s Bullshit

Tony’s speaking tosh again, denigrating the UK population. Are they all thick as two short planks as Blair suggests? If a poor parrot could determine the reality from bullshit in the EU referendum,  I am sure the vast majority of the population did.

Since leaving Parliament he has become a pompous prat, and a money grabbing pompous prat at that. Because he can con Foreigners into paying him ludicrous amounts to lecture and pontificate on matters of which he seems to have little ‘real life’  experience, he seems to think he has the God given right to lecture down to the UK populous.

He fails to understand that the one sure way to get the UK populous to do one thing, is to tell them they are pillocks for not doing the opposite. The more he exhibits the hubris of Brussels the more determined people will be to show up the paucity of his arguments. Never try and bully Fred Brit. Napoleon found that out,  as did Hitler and the Argentinians over the Falklands; and many others in between.  I’ve never been a Brexiteer, but the populous having decided I’m even more determined to ensure it works to the country’s benefit as I am sure most others will.

Britain (and most of the rest of Europe) has been coasting over the past two decades. Living off its market size, accumulated wealth and the backs of an urbanising rural population in China and the rest of Asia. Not surprisingly most gains in the standard of living has rightly been in Asia.

Time now to wake and get Brexit to force us to face up to the fact that the world does not owe us a living. We have an ageing population, we need to focus on providing innovative products, processes and productivity. To maintain and improve our standard of living, or even stop it sinking.

Scotland, the Tail that Tries to Wag the Dog 

Scotland has the same population and the same number of MPs as the West Midlands, less than 10% of MPs and less than 10% of the population. Yet Sturgeon and the SNP keep mouthing off about what the government should do about Brexit like they should be the major the major determinant in government decisions.

They keep demanding a voice out of all proportion to their relevance,  size,  position and importance. Time to quietly ignore them.  Better still reallocate the undeserved tax distribution bonus they get in the Barnet Formula, to the people who should get it, Wales.