Cloudy Drink Advice

A few months ago the safe alchol consumption limit was reduced by 33% out of the blue. Even the Chief Medical Officer supported it. It was a medical faite a compli. Virtually any alchol was unsafe,  no argument. It was prohibition by another name, independent unbiased advice said so.
Now it turns out that 4 of the committee were sponsored by a powerful temperance lobby and another was an out and out anti drink  campaigner. None of this had been declared. Will we ever be able to trust ‘independent’ medical advice again? It’s usually as transparent as cloudy beer.
Where health is concerned there is usually another report a few months later that turns an advice on its head anyway, biased or not.
Currently they’re arguing whether a low carb diet can help overcome type 2 diabetes. One side says studies prove so, the other that such diets are dangerous and the advice should be withdrawn.
Remember the old adage, ‘Carry On Regardless’, sounds like good middle of the road advice to me.

Trimpt-up rhetoric

Personally I wouldn’t let Mr Trump be in charge of my piggy bank. If I lived in the US I would be paranoid about the possibility of him being in charge of the world’s largest economy.

He may well have survived 3 major bankruptcies and seemingly countless of the projects he has put his brand on have gone belly up. Yet every time he is the one  person always seems to come out of it with his money or ludicrous fees intact. He seems to be most expert in front loading his profits. He walks off with his money even when the development of the opportunity never makes it anywhere near fruition. Only the litte people loose out npt DT.
He also likes to throw his weight around and bully people. When the Scots decided to build a wind farm 3 miles offshore from one of his golf links he cried foul said it would devalue his investment and threatened to withdraw a lot of the money he had invested. The canny Scots simply pointed out that he had not invested anything like the money he had mouthed off about or created anywhere near the jobs promised and there was little chance of achieving either, so he couldn’t possibly loose the money he the money he hadn’t invested anyway. They were green even if his wer’nt yet, so up yours Donald. He seems to have gone quiet.
I bet a lot of Americans would like him to shut up as well. But not half the number who will regret it should he make president.
PS Did you know that (according to the Times) the Trump empire was founded with the money his grandfather made running brothels and illicit drinking establishments. I bet all his born again supporters love that.

Forrest Trump

It’s funny how life continually mirrors art. Unfortunately usually the less respectable side,  or should it be the less intelligent. It is hardly believable that a supposedly intelligent political party could contemplate proposing such a person for the presidency of their nation.

However as the UK Labour party elected Corbin Laden as a potential Prime Minister, I suppose we should not be too critical. But one has to wonder how the left and right of two otherwise political middle of the road nations seem hell bent on the far left and far right. Especially as both outer ends of the political spectrum have been repeatedly shown to fail miserably in the past.

Could it be the respective political parties have got so far from power that any screwball will do, if only to attract attention.

Stop FIFA’s Fraud Income

How much of the BBC licence payers money has gone to support FIFA’s fraud? All European and North American broadcasters and commercial corporations should be threatened with bribery investigations if they pay any money directly or indirectly to FIFA before the current investigations on their systemic fraud supporting processes are complete,  and it is given a clean bill of health.

Even if it means missing the next world cup. Only financial pressure will truly cleanse FIFA.

Sturgeon wins for Cameron!

Cameron gets another 5 years thanks to the SNP.  Firstly Nicola maximised her vote in Scotland by stating categorically that she would not seel another referendum in the next parliament. Thus even Scots who wanted to maintain the Union could safety vote for her.

Then she clearly ran rings round Red Ed and showed he would end up her puppet no matter what he said if he got into number 10, as Labour would not have a majority and would have to rely on her vote.

So Cameron got his last 50 seats in England on the basis of anyone but Sturgeon. The Lib Dems then became irrelevant and squeezed out.

Nicola should be made a peer for services to the Conservative party,  other than it would bring her to Westminster and give her a seat in the Lords.


Kinnock’s lost the plot

Neil Kinnock has spent too long in Brussels and showed its typical and cynical disregard and contempt for democracy and the voting population.

When asked why he thought things looked so bad for Labour he simply said that there was nothing wrong with Labour it was the voters, they were delusional and had voted wrongly. You could see that he wanted to take the Brussels solution of ordering the voters to go back and vote again until they did it properly,  as decided by him.

The Kinnock family’s contempt for democracy is shown by Stephen, his son is now MP for Aberavon and also husband of the Danish PM. So if he spends his week on Westminster and weekends on his constituency. When will he see h

Vote Labour get the SNP II

Yes the silver tongued slippery sylph, otherwise known as the Sturgeon has three aims.

1 Defeat Labour in Scotland (not difficult) to hold the balance of power.

2 Rape a weak Miliband for as much of England’s money as she can pillage and cause as much discord and frustration in the rest of the UK as she can.

3 Then when everyone wants to see the back of her, go for independence again.

Can you imagine fatally beaten Miliband negotiating the split with Scotland, still having aspirations for the Scottish Labour party? We have seen how she runs rings round him now. It would be disaster.

Hyper unreality

The election started with a giveaway a day and is ending totally unsubstantiated claims woth no basis in fact or supporting metrics. It’s total madness.

Ed says he will freeze fuel prices. Utter stupidity, we only had 10 average days storage. Two years ago on the cold winter we came within 6 hours of running out of gas. 30% of our biggest storage facility is off line for maintenance and will not be available.  Who is going to buy unlimited quantities on the spot market from Europe  on peak cold (relying on supplies from Russia) and sell it at a vast loss?

Surely he should be focusing on ensuring we have adequate storage?