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Cock up Gordon, Mr Stealth tax.

Two Red Lines

The Scots referendum has raised two red lines for the rest of the UK with 2 simple short term solutions.
Firstly no MP may vote on issues relating to another part of the UK on matters that have been devolved to their own local parliament.
Secondly, no taxes, fees or dues raised in any part of the UK shall be counted as national income, if such payments have been devolved in any other part of the UK. This has two effects. Firstly such things as tuition fees and prescription charges raised in England are not put in the national pot to subsidise free fees elsewhere in the UK. Secondly It will reduce the overall size of the pot and reduce the iniquity. In the longer term any redistribution should be based on population size and level of deprivation.

Met Office blunders again

Its new pollution forecasting tool set off unnecessary panic yesterday, aided by the BBC overkill reporting. The ramped up exceptionally high air pollution warnings and advice about avoiding outdoor exercise were total overkill.  Pollution was low to moderate over the majority of the country. Another day ruined by a Met Office balls up.
I don’t understand how naturally occurring Saharan sand can be called pollution. Over the last few years it has probably occurred more times than snow. Is snow pollution?

The really dangerous pollution is pernicious nitrous oxide and micro particulates from diesel cars. It’s that which causes the UK to break EU pollution limits. Yet it is encouraged by the lower taxes on diesel cars. More crazy policies introduced by Mr Blobby.

Gone At Last

Just when it looked like Mr Blobby (Gordon Brown) was about to come back like a bad penny, he did the honourable thing and resigned. Call me cynical but I have to wonder if the apparent meeting of the Lib negotiators with Labour was simply a way of hastening the desired outcome of emptying No. 10?

Mr Blobby Blows Our Future

Mr Brown the Prime Minister is in denial, someone with a gambling problem but will not admit it.  He needs to go to Chancellors anonymous (and join Nigel Lawson. The only thing is, he’s blown his own future and is now in the process of blowing our’s. If Tony ever left a legacy of growth (and that’s debateable) it’s now long gone.


 When asked what happened to his claim that he had abolished boom and bust, he replied only Conservative boom and bust. He’s placed it with Labour melt down. Never mind the biblical 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine. We’re in for 27 years of famine.


 Comprehensive spending plan? No way, it would expose the paucity of the coffers. If it were clothes they would get arrested for being naked.  The answer?  Throw away any budget, pretend there is no problem and keep on spending. The final act of a of a desperate salesman. The only thing is that it is the final end to any chance for our prosperity.


At the moment the rest of the cabinet lemings are following him towards the precipice at full speed. We can only hope that one or two wake up before long and realise that a period in opposition is better than no future at all.

The Lord of Darkness Returns

He who cannot be named is back. Mr Bobby seems to have made a Faustian pact with Peter now Lord Mengelson.

A last desperate act? To invite Machiavelli into your cabinet because it is better to have the devil on the inside rather than the outside? He may well just be there to stop any Blairite initiating a coup, if only because they know he would trample them over in the rush to the front as a replacement PM. But it is a risky move, made out of desperation? How long will it be before he has to resign in another scandal?

Harry Potter’s creator has just given a £1 million to labour. Is she now writing the script as well?

The ingratitude of Mr Blobby

The Ghurkha’s win justice at last. The Government’s QC facetiously tried to argue that laying your life quite literally on the line in the defence of this country did not provide any affinity with it. Even winning the highest award for military bravery, the Victoria Cross, (the majority of which we have been awarded posthumously) did not give you any affinity with this country.
On the other hand any old Tom,  Dick a Hairy, criminal, paedophile, terrorist. or even those guilty of genocide can claim asylum at the drop of a hat and have a life of leisure at the British taxpayers expense. You cannot even deport them when they continue to commit serious crimes. Having put an end to the Government’s criminal abuse of the Gurkhas, they need to inject some common sense into the asylum laws.
If you seriously abused the hospitality of this county or have committed serious criminal offence here or abroad, you should not expect the benefit of haven. We no longer live in the middle ages, but you still have a responsibility for your actions and the consequences.

The comedy of Life

 If it was not so serious it would be funny. Mr Blobby famously announced a year or two back that he had single handedly abolished the boom and bust economic cycle that has plagued the British economy since the Second World War. It turns out he has simply replaced it with Brown and Bust or should we say Brown and Bingley.

On the other side of the pond Ms Palin seems to be auditioning for Michael Palin’s role in a Monty Python remake of an American political saga. The other political heavyweights seem to be all going for the Ministry of Funny Walks.

Meanwhile Rome burns.

I may be getting a grumpy old Parrot but the financial community seems to have an even shorter memory than me.  Every decade or so they invent a new financial order that removes the old economic laws that have historically limited growth (and profits).  Then blow me if it does not last for long before it all blows up in tears and recriminations. Where upon the politicians in power claim that it was totally impossible to foresee the melt down coming and then pledge to make sure it does not happen again. The current crisis just screams deja vu.

It is easy to fuel apparent growth by spending future income in the form of over valuation (as it the dot com and house price bubbles) or over extending credit in the form of toxic loans. But it will always end in a painful correction and personal disaster while real economic growth catches up. You cannot make 2+2=5 forever

I can recommend ‘Fooled By Randomness’ by Nasin Nicholas Taleb for the best explanation and a balanced view of this.

Is it lying or just plain incompetence?

Yesterday Mr Blobby our esteemed PM proudly announced that he was going to protect our economy from the vagaries of oil and gas prices along with the unstable foreign governments that control them; by developing our indigenous renewables and nuclear sectors.

Today the Government proudly announces a quick £4.5 billion profit for the exchequer by selling off the nuclear power supply to a foreign government. One, that despite the current entente cordial, we have been at war with for the greater part of the last 1000 years.

Which foreign government is being lined up to control the renewable sector.  Let me think, lets invite Venezuela to buy it.

My Blobby reapplies for his own job

Gordon Brown says ‘Too many people still cannot rise as far as their talents can take them.’ On the other hand he is a shining example of how others can rise far beyond them.  After 10 years of his financial probity the country’s financial cupboard is bare and its credit (card) maxed out.  He claims 10 years of prudent financial management and supervision as chancellor of the exchequer, happily swimming with the US sharks.  Now we find he has let the bankers sell the city, in return for a pile of bad debt.  House prices have boiled over and inflation is once more rampant.  Worse still he seems to believe his own rhetoric!  Hopefully he will be the only one who does.

‘You never know who swims naked till the tide goes out.’ Warren Buffet.