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Being Green = more stealth taxes

Is it lying or just plain incompetence?

Yesterday Mr Blobby our esteemed PM proudly announced that he was going to protect our economy from the vagaries of oil and gas prices along with the unstable foreign governments that control them; by developing our indigenous renewables and nuclear sectors.

Today the Government proudly announces a quick £4.5 billion profit for the exchequer by selling off the nuclear power supply to a foreign government. One, that despite the current entente cordial, we have been at war with for the greater part of the last 1000 years.

Which foreign government is being lined up to control the renewable sector.  Let me think, lets invite Venezuela to buy it.

A Green Day Out

I see Mr Bobby further established his green credentials yesterday with a 6000 mile day out to Saudi.  He claims to have gone to ask the Opec turkeys there to vote for Christmas by investing in alternative energy initiatives to reduce the UK’s demand for oil.  The real question is, why ask an oil cartel whose raison d’etre is to hold the world to ransom by controlling the major energy reserves, to further the same by inviting them to gain control of the UK’s alternative energy sources.

The words self foot and shoot come to mind.