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The often depressing but honest truth, straight from the perch.

Moses Miliband

I see Moses Miliband has come down from his metropolitan elite ivory tower with his 7 pledges written on a tablet of stone .  At first sight this may seem as dangerous to him as Cameron’s pledge to reduce immigration. Wrong they are couched in the classic terms of ‘The good and the great’.  They are like the classic tarmacer’s promise to lay you a ‘nice’ drive.  They are vague and have no metrics.  You can do practically anything and claim you have succeeded.

Only the gullible are taken in ie. those who vote Labour.

Beware the Silver Tongued Sturgeon

Nicola’s plausible and desirable but unaffordable manifesto hides a vicious agenda. Firstly to get a large SNP majority in Scotland. Then try and rape England under the guise of the Barnet formula and when it fails to work (as she knows it will), push for another referendum.
The plan is both disingenuous and socially evil. Despite calling herself a socialist, everyone left or right knows that based on population and social deprivation, the premium enjoyed by Scotland should really go to Wales.

A Giveaway a Day Election

This election seems predicated on a present a day. Good or bad, each party pulls something new and random out of the hat at each morning press conference. Then they all spend the rest of the day they squabbling over each others presents to one part of the electorate or other. Mine’s better than yours or I’ll negate yours, or mine trumps it.
Where is the logical presentation of the party manifestos?
At the end of the day all the spending promises are subject tbe growth of our GDP, which in turn is subject to the vagaries of world trade growth, over which we have very little or no control. Especially the growth of our largest trade partners, the EU and USA. The whole process seems rather futile.
When will we have a proper debate on the opinions?

Fracking Greenpeace

Greenpeace’s report on fracking fails to mention that the majority of those questioned were actually on favour of it. You had to find it buried in the foot notes.

The inconvenient truth is it would reduce our overall CO2 emissions and fewer people need die in winter because they could not afford heating bills inflated by green levies.

Some of the profits could be invested in developing carbon neutral energy sources rather than give it away to other countries to squander. But that is not the PC answer. As it stands in the next 50 years more people in this country will die of hypothermia because of high heating costs than naturally from climate change.

Keep IR35 (P.A.Y.E)

There is a contractors pressure group trying to get PAYE (Pay As You Earn) abolished. Under no circumstances should this happen, it is just a ruse to allow more tax avoidance. The Inland Revenue say it would cost the exchequer ove £500 million a year (no doubt to be made up by those left on paye).

In fact it should be extended to everyone, starting with MPs and Premiere League footballers, also the same tax allowances should be applied to everyone. If you want to have a personal services contract there should be a 35% with-holding tax on all payouts before submission of a tax return and a limit on that paid as dividends rather than income limited to ensure that the same tax is paid as PAYE.

BBC hubris over Top Gear

In its news presentation over the Top Gear fracas it said ‘The BBS will loose millions over Clarkson’s suspension. WRONG, whatever the rights or wrongs of the incident, the licence payers will loose millions.

The BBC, contrary to its apparent belief does not exist for the benefit of the BBC. The license payers are its shareholders, it exists to serve them.

If reports are right, Clarkson reported himself and the supposedly abused person did not make a complaint. Fair process must be followed and they may not renew Clarkson’s contract in a couple of months. But was it really a million pound incident?

The cost for an independent Scotland

My owner worked in outsourcing for many years. Once a conglomerate outsourced the smaller divisions were always champing at the bit for separation and independence. But once it became a possibility the costs came to the fore. Consistently they were gobsmacked at the true cost of unbundling the boring costs, from IT, through finance to HR etc.

Scotland has less than 10% of the UK population but as an independent country it take far more than10% of the UK admin costs to run it to EU standards. Finance, monetary and banking supervision is very costly for a start. Customs, immigration, passport and control. Vehicle licence management etc etc, etc, the list is practically endless it goes on and on.

Company wise the freedoms of independence rapidly evaporate and they stay part of the fold. In reality it is only the big bits that can walk away economically.

A celtic federation of Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland is the only variation that may make economic sense, but is a very unlikely starter. For Scotland any benefits of North Sea oil are likely to evaporate and more in additional costs.